Custom Molds

Custom Molds

We get many requests for custom molds.

Please follow the directions carefully so we can cost your molds appropriately

1. 3D Design & Measurements

Cost: $150

We can do this for you, however you will need to at least have it drawn out, with all the required measurements for us to know what you want and properly 3D design it to cost it effectively for you. 

Having your 3D design done, means we can cost the final product before we begin manufacturing and testing. 

You will need a 3D design in a few angles of your design to have us design this for our 3D printer. 

This is the concepts and images we need for your design.

To better understand how a 3D printer works and why we need these designs, here is a short video on 3D printing 

2. Manufacturing and Testing Design 

Cost: from $500

This cost is based on your 3D design and complexity.

After we receive your 3D design, we will begin testing for stability

This process can take many days to ensure a quality product is made to withstand the usage. We can not REUSE silicone, so to test design and redesign and correct the issue on the 3D printer uses a lot of silicone to ensure your satisfaction. 


3. Final Product 

 Now we have your design we can produce them.

Our Minimum order qty is 20 to 50 pieces, depending on your custom size.


TIME: The expected time frame to delivery can be up to 2 months. 

Please be aware of this, as any rushed jobs can result in faulty molds.


If you have any question please use the 'Contact' Page to email us, we can then help you decide on how to proceed.



We hope this helps everyone who has questions on their custom designs 





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