Pre Order Info

How do I know what is Pre Order? Where is my item? How long is it?

We have now changed our process due to the amount of emails and confusion on what items are pre order.

We will have many points in which you can see if an item is pre order, how to check for updates on shipping and arrivals of stock. This breakdown will help people find the information they need without waiting on emails.

Here are ways you can stay informed!



Card Payments - are accepted on all orders and can be used in check out 

AFTERPAY & ZIP PAY - CAN NOT be used, any Pre orders paid with Afterpay or  Zip Pay will be canceled and refunded. 


On an item in the pre order selection or in any of our collections containing a pre order item. You will also have that “Pre Order” in the heading as you can see here in this example. We are now marking all products PRE ORDER that are in any of the collections we have so you get the pre order summary in your order confirmation email


Please be aware we will no longer be shipping orders separately that contain a pre order item.

If you wish to have IN STOCK items sent immediately, please order separately. If you make a mistake and wish to have it corrected into 2 orders, please email us. You will be charged for separate shipping fees. Urgent orders won’t be shipped until this has been paid.



We are now allowing up to 6-8 weeks for the arrival of our stock. We have had great luck with the past pre orders, but now due to the delays in covid issues and customs. We are wanting to give a more realistic arrival of goods. This is to avoid anyone’s disappointment in arrival of items. If there is an urgent requirement for the item that we can produce, if you would like to pay the DHL express fees for an urgent item. Please email us and we can discuss how / if this is possible for you.

Shipping and Customs can cause delays - which we often update on the pre order page. Please refer to that page when enquiring about stock


We manufacture our own products with one factory to allow for consistent quality in products, however damage can occur in transport and in handling during customs.

Once we receive and inspect them, we have these remade immediately, which can cause delays in items being here on time.

Items that are of new design are thoroughly tested as we need to make sure the structure of the mold is stable for use.

For new designs, this takes us longer to reproduce as we have to design them from scratch of what is trending and test the stability of the design, this can take many days of testing before we can mass produce for stock.

We work very hard on getting in these trending items as soon as we can for our customers.

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