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Sneaker Mold 13cm - Yez

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Your sneaker collection is growing and we are here to help you, all our sneakers in 13cm are the cutest editions to your candle collection and perfect gift for that sneakerhead, dad, brother and friend 

Order your mold today to start making these candles



Material: silicone

Mold Size: 13cm

Silicone Color: Various


Our moulds can be used for your projects, working with different kinds of materials, such as wax, cake, soap, gypsum, resin, jesmonite and concrete
Additional Features

This mould comes in various sizes. This mould is reusable. Caution Long thumbnails, and long nails in general are one of the major causes of silicone damage. Silicone is tough and elastic, but this is only possible if it’s not torn. A slight piercing by your fingernails during demoulding can cause the silicone to tear and break apart. Wear gloves, gloves will aid in protecting the silicone mould from being cut by your fingernails.

Do not keep resins in the mould for excessively prolonged period past curing. This can cause the silicone to degrade. This would affect the reusability. If you are uncertain, send us a message with the types of resins, you want to use and we will advise the appropriate method, curing time, temperature for your specific project. If you are not using this mould with resins, you can ignore this caution.

Our temperature range: -40 ~ +230 ℃

Use and Care:

  1. Fill the sink with soapy hot water, (110-120°F/43-49°C); Place Mould flat into the sink and leave to soak for 15mins making sure the hot water melts the wax and any residue.
  2. Using gloves and sponge, clean the moulds in your hot soapy water, rinse off excess soap, shake vigorously once or twice to remove excess water; use dish rack to air dry your moulds. Do not use a paper or cloth towel as this leaves behind residue inside your moulds that will transfer to your products
  3. Silicone mould must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized at least once every 24 hours, or more often if needed.
  4. When cleaning, if the silicone mould allows, turn it inside out to clean inside all the small spaces.
  5. Do not approach sharps or use steel balls and other hard cleaning tools.


  1. Due to the influence of many factors such as display brightness and light brightness, the actual colour of the item may be slightly different from the picture displayed on the website. As our silicone colour changes all the time depending on the raw materials available, colour does not affect the type or quality of the mould
  2. Please allow the data to have a slight deviation from manual measurement in mm as we mass produce.



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